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Zyliss StrongBoy 2 Jar Opener E46145

  • Zyliss StrongBoy 2 Jar Opener
  • Long contoured handle for better leverage and grip
  • Adjustable rubber grip loop suitable for use of all sizes of lids (ranging from 2cm to 10cm diameter)
  • Adjustable loop retracts for easy storage
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Sometimes we all need a little extra help opening jars and if you suffer from limited dexterity, then opening jars can be a real challenge. The Zyliss StrongBoy Jar Opener makes light work of opening awkward and stiff screwtop lids of various sizes with ease and comfort.

    The Zyliss StrongBoy Jar Opener combines a variety of smart design features including an adjustable rubber grip loop and long handle for extra leverage and opening force on jars and screw top bottles between 2 and 10 cm in diameter. No more struggling to loosen difficult to open screw top lids, this tool is all you need to get the job done quickly and with ease and comfort.

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