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Waterford Crystal


Waterford Crystal Elegance Optic Carafe

Waterford Crystal Elegance Optic Carafe

Pour your beverage of choice in style with this Elegance Optic Carafe : a carefully hand-crafted serving vessel that’s perfectly weighted and balanced for a luxury fine wine experience. The vertical lines create an enchanting optical aesthetic and are completely unique to each carafe - a hallmark of authentic craftsmanship. With its generously sized mouth and spacious bowl, the carafe allows for optimum aeration to elevate the flavours and aromas of your favourite wine, whilst its tall neck makes swirling effortless. With stunning form as well as function, this sleek pourer is a striking centrepiece for dinner parties and celebrations.

WIDTH: 20.5 cm

LENGTH: 20.5 cm

HEIGHT: 28 cm

WEIGHT: 1390 g

VOLUME: 960 ml

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