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Victorinox Swiss Classic Tomato sausage knife serrated edge 11cm Green Twin Pack

Victorinox Swiss Classic Tomato sausage knife serrated  edge 11 cm Green Twin Pack

SKU: 67836L114B

2 x Victorinox Swiss Classic Tomato / sausage knife serrated  edge, 11 cm Green Twin Pack

Size ( L x W x H ) 218 x 21 x 10.6 mm

"The coloured collection includes an 11 cm tomato respectively a sausage knife and three different paring knives with a blade length from 8 to 10 cm.
A paring knife is amongst the most important kitchen utensils a chef can have, because it is small and sharp enough to do delicate work no other knife can. It is often underused because most people think that such a knife is too small to do anything important.
Let that fruit or vegetable know who is boss and create intricate cuts and inspired garnishing or sophisticated decorating.
Other than that paring knives are ideal for removing peels or the veins of a shrimp, but also for deseeding fruits and vegetables with dexterity.
The Victorinox paring knives are extremely sharp and one of the best recommended tools of a chef and for starters.
The appropriate hardness of the blade and the laser-tested cutting angle guarantee a high edge retention."

Victorinox now offers its best-selling paring knives from the Swiss Classic series
in attractive colours.

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