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Stellar 1000 - 5 Piece Deep Saucepan Set: S1F4B

The beauty of home cooking is bringing the action straight from the hob to the table. Let the flavours speak for themselves – flavours you’ve allowed to mellow, to ripen, to pop.

Enduring style and performance

Stellar 1000 5 Piece Deep Saucepan Set S1F4B


14cm milk/sauce pot

16cm deep saucepan

18cm deep saucepan

20cm deep saucepan

22cm stockpot

Designed with style, function and durability in equal measure:

  • Timeless finishing  –  curved domus shape designed to suit both modern and traditional kitchens for hob-to-table serving.
  • Versatile – crafted from superb quality European steel for oven-proof cooking and long-lasting durability.
  • Reliable – heat spreads evenly across the pan base for efficient and consistent cooking on any hob type.

 Key features

  • Stylish and easy to clean with mirror-polished steel finishing
  • High conductivity base for even heat distribution with no internal hot spots
  • Extensive complementing range for every style of cooking
  • Deeper than standard saucepans, ideal for bigger family cooking or gatherings

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