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Peugeot Bistro 10cm Salt/Pepper Mill - Black

Peugeot Bistro 10cm Salt/Pepper Mill - Black

Subtly sophisticated and effortlessly cool, this Peugeot Bistro pepper mill is crafted from beechwood sourced from local sustainably managed forests. Equipped with Peugeot's lifetime-guaranteed mechanism, the pepper mill also comes with a grind adjustment button that sits nobly on top. The tighter the button is screwed, the finer the grind. Conversely, loosen the button to produce a coarser grind that will reveal more of the pepper's depth of flavour.

- Made in France
- PEFC wood from French forests
- Radiant colour and glossy finish

- Ideally combined with another colour in the Bistrorama collection for a vivid contrast or with the same to create a matching perfect pair

- Mechanism comes with a lifetime guarantee
- Pepper mill guaranteed for 5 years
- Pepper mill for grinding black, white, green, red, and pink peppercorns (up to 15% in a blend) as well as coriander seeds
- Grind adjustment button: the tighter the button is screwed, the finer the grind and vice versa
- Peppercorns not included
- The perfect gift to treat yourself or others

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