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Nicholas Mosse


Nicholas Mosse Blue Blooms - Large Cache Pot

Nicholas Mosse Blue Blooms - Large Cache Pot

Indoor plants are like family.  They have their own space and personalities and they add immeasurably to our daily lives.  We take care of them and in return they give us beauty and nature.  A cache pot (“hide the pot” in French) helps both: the ugly plastic pot is covered up and moisture for the plant is increased by its second cover.  Plus new colour and designs can add an extra dimension to an interior.  Win-win! 

This piece is a fabulous gift for any nature lover, as it is large enough for mature houseplants,  handthrown from strong earthenware and hand painted.  Guaranteed to put a little zing in any room, the cache pot will give years of pleasure.

Blue Blooms is a new version of an old favourite, a classic design in a classic blue colour.  Even though tulips are never blue in real life, we decided to create our own.  Blue is almost a neutral in ceramic terms and blends well with other colours, other blues and all sorts of food colours.  It brings food to life and brings a cheerful touch to kitchens and dining rooms: it will even work well with Grandma's willow pattern.

Diameter 24 cm (9.45in) approx

Height 18 cm (7.09in) approx

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