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Leifheit Clean & Away Disposable Floor Cloths 30X 56669-0

Leifheit Clean & Away Disposable Floor Cloths 30X  56669-0

Lint, dust and hairs are magnetically drawn to the cloth when the Leifheit Clean & Away Mop is used. The disposable wiper cloths, ideal for quick and practical dry cleaning, become electro-statically charged and work like a magnet to retain the dust and bits collected. Compared to the traditional broom, it offers a clear advantage: While a brush distributes and whirls up dust, the Magneto Static dust cloths clean as effectively as wet cleaning. The Clean & Away Magneto Static dust wipes are 22 x 28 cm, suitable to attach to all floor wipers with a width of 28 cm. The polybag is resealable thanks to its practical adhesive flap. Also can be used as duster wipes for cleaning other surfaces, such as on the top of a chest of drawers or tables.

  • Disposable dusting wipes for effective dry cleaning of all floors
  • Holds dirt, dust and pet hair firmly like a magnet
  • Suitable to fit all floor wipers 28 cm wide
  • Resealable polybag (30 pack)

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