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Kuhn Rikon


Kuhn Rikon New Life Saucepan 3.0L 20cm

Environmentally friendly, handy and easy to clean - ideal for everyday cooking pleasure!

The NEW LIFE® saucepan is made of high-quality, 100% recycled aluminium from Europe and is produced with up to 95% less energy than conventional cookware. The high-quality recycled aluminium is even harder than pure aluminium, as it is combined with different aluminium alloys. Thanks to the thick base with a full-surface induction disc and the good material properties of aluminium, the heat is distributed evenly over the food to be cooked and stored optimally. Also because of the durable 3-layer non-stick coating reinforced with ceramic particles, the saucepan convinces with its longevity and increased wear resistance.

Whether it's a delicious sauce, potatoes, meat dishes or tender vegetables: cooking in a practical saucepan is no problem. The high-quality non-stick coating is ideal for low-fat cooking and prevents food from sticking. The ergonomic Bakelite handle stays cool even at high temperatures and the pouring rim ensures safe transfer of the food. The glass lid with steam opening ensures convenient visual cooking and prevents unnecessary heat loss or a vacuum. The easy cleaning saves time and water and is another pleasant plus of this high-quality saucepan.

The packaging is made of 100 % recycled cardboard. The aim of manufacturing the NEW LIFE® line from Kuhn Rikon is to greatly reduce the environmental impact.

  • Recycled aluminium saves energy
  • Swiss Made - Made in Switzerland
  • Thick base for optimal heat distribution & storage
  • Durable 3-layer non-stick coating reinforced with ceramic particles
  • Ergonomic handles stay cool
  • The glass lid allows observing the food being cooked
  • Suitable for all types of hobs, induction included
  • Suitable for ovens up to 220 °C /428°F (caution: handles can get hot)
  • Easy to clean
  • Packaging made of 100 % recycled cardboard
  • Available in different sizes


  • For normal soiling, clean with a soft cloth or sponge in hot washing-up water
  • For more stubborn marks leave to soak for a while before removing with a soft cloth or sponge
  • Do not use any scouring detergents on the inside.
  • Dishwasher suitable, washing by hand is recommended
  • Abrasive detergents and dishwashers can damage the pan surface
  • Never remove residues with sharp objects such as a knife, steel wool or copper scourers.

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