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Kuhn Rikon


Kuhn Rikon LOCARNO Pasta Pot with insert 6.5L 22 cm

  • The modern design of the LOCARNO pasta pot fits particularly well in simple and elegant kitchens. It is manufactured at the Swiss production site and thanks to its high quality, it is very durable.

    The pasta pot with strainer insert is the proven specialist for spaghetti and co. Cooking and pouring pasta becomes a very comfortable process.

    Of course, the pot can also be used without the strainer insert for preparing other dishes in large portions. Potatoes, vegetables, sauces and soups can also be prepared in a pasta pot from Kuhn Rikon.

    The glass lid with a steam vent allows convenient visual cooking and prevents a vacuum lock when cooling.

    The pasta pot made of robust, high-quality stainless steel has an excellent heat distribution thanks to the Superthermic sandwich base. The ergonomic all-black handles are comfortable to hold and stay pleasantly cool. Thanks to the fill marks on the interior, the amount of liquid can be measured directly in the pot - no separate measuring cup is needed.

    The pot is suitable for all types of hobs and also for the dishwasher.

    • SWISS MADE - Produced in Switzerland
    • Modern design for simple and elegant kitchens
    • Swiss-made, durable and longlasting
    • Steam vent in the glass lid means no vacuum lock during cooling
    • Versatile: can be used with or without strainer insert
    • Robust, high-quality 18/10 stainless steel (matt brushed finish)
    • Superthermic sandwich base for excellent heat distribution with an aluminium base fully encapsulated in stainless steel
    • Ergonomic all-black handles made of Bakelite stay cool
    • Interior litre measurements
    • Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction
    • Dishwasher suitable

    USE & CARE

    • For normal soiling use ordinary detergent
    • The pot's surface can be damaged with abrasive cleaners and dishwashers
    • Dishwasher suitable, washing by hand is recommended
    • If washed regularly in the dishwasher, synthetic fittings may lose their shine and aluminium may oxidise or corrode
    • Never remove food stuck to the pan with sharp objects such as knives, steel wool or scourers (scratches)
    • Limescale can also be easily removed with vinegar or lemon juice

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