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Kuhn Rikon


Kuhn Rikon ESSENTIAL Wok with lid 32cm

The Essential Wok with lid is large enough to cook a meal for the family.

Made of durable iron this wok will heat up quickly and withstand the high heat needed for stir-frying.

The glass lid seals in heat in flavours and the pan can be used for braising as well as stir-frying.

The American chef, Christopher Kimball of Milk Street, has designed this product to his specifications, especially for Kuhn Rikon. Each piece in the Essential collection is identified as an essential for the everyday cook.

  • USE & CARE

    • Wash the wok with hot water and a soft sponge. 
    • If there is food stuck to the pan, cool the wok then soak in hot water until food is loose, then gently scrub. 
    • Rinse well and dry thoroughly.
    • Coat the pan lightly with vegetable oil and wipe clean with a paper towel before storing.
    • Use on any heat source, including induction hobs.

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