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Kuhn Rikon


Kuhn Rikon Cheese Fondue Set Alpine Meadow clay induction 23cm

    • This set makes every fondue gettogether into a festive feast. The colour play in black and white with the Swiss mountain pasture silhouette makes it very popular. The set consists of a high quality 23 cm fondue pot, which can also be used on an induction hob, rechaud, a fuel burner filled with paste and 6 forks with plastic handles. Simply light and enjoy.

      Discolouring may occur from direct contact with the flame when using a gel burner. This discolouration does not affect performance in any way whatsoever.

      Our products made of high-quality ceramics are handmade and can therefore have small variations in shape, material and decoration.

      • High quality white clay
      • Classic form
      • Induction suitable fondue pot 23cm
      • Rechaud
      • Pasteburner with fuel paste
      • 6 forks

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