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Denby Halo Brew Small Jug

Denby Halo Brew Small Jug



Depth: 8.5cm

Capcity: 200ml

The small jug is a beautiful and versatile piece from Denbys new Tea & Coffee range thats small enough to compliment your lazy Sunday morning brew, the idea size for an individual position of custard or cream and stunning enough to use to display a single flower stem.

Halo is a unique design which incorporates two tones of glaze to produce a striking, speckled finish. Produced at Denby Pottery in Derbyshire, Halo has been handcrafted to the highest-standard.

Halo is an expertly hand-crafted range and every piece varies slightly due to the unique ‘reaction’ of the glazes. Light and dark matt grey glazes are applied to the biscuit body and when the products are in the kiln the magic happens. An artisan charm is created when the ingredients combine together in the heat and the true beauty of Halo comes to life with the unique details of each item. Each piece is a work of art and this is the beauty of Halo. The natural variations of the Halo range are part of the production process and is what makes Halo one of our most popular ranges.

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