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Crockpot 6.5L Slow Cooker: SCV665B

Crockpot 6.5L Slow Cooker: SCV665B

  • Let the Crock-Pot cook your meal to perfection while you get on with your day; makes casseroles, curries and chilli, as well as soups, roasts and even desserts
  • 3 Heat Settings: Low, High & Keep-Warm for a variety of easy, tasty dishes
  • 6.5 L Ceramic Bowl: Perfect for larger families, entertaining or making extra for the freezer; removable bowl serves straight to the table
  • Slow Cooking Perfection: slow, gentle heat produces mouth-watering dishes and makes tougher cuts of meat deliciously tender with minimal effort; oven-safe bowl and lid make it ideal for browning cheese-topped dishes and meat joints
  • Includes slow cooker recipe booklet and 3 handy kitchen utensils
  • Includes 3 handy kitchen utensils

Versatile Heat Modes

Set the temperature to Low for long, slow cooking or choose High for quick, impromptu meals. Keep Warm function ensures your meal stays at optimum serving temperature.

Easy to Clean

The oven-proof bowl and lid are both dishwasher-safe for quick and easy clean-ups after you've enjoyed your meal.


36.7 cm x 36.2 cm x 24.2 cm

Weight: 5.94 Kg

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