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Brabantia MindSet Shower Shelf with Squeegee 303623

Completely organise your shower in one go - treat it to this smart Brabantia MindSet Shower Shelf with Squeegee. The shelf happily holds your shampoo or shower gel. The small squeegee has a minimalist design and is made to effortlessly wipe off your shower door and tiles. All clear? Put it back on the shelf.

  • Everything at hand - holds your shampoo, shower gel or foam.
  • Hygienic - water drains away through the holes in the bottom.
  • Stripe-free - silicone squeegee included.
  • Easy storage - just place the squeegee on the shelf.
  • Handy hanging - mounting instructions and fixing materials included.
  • Ideal for humid areas - made of corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Strong - proven to hold up ​to 2 kg.
  • Problem-free use - 10-year guarantee and service on the shelf, 5 years on the squeegee.
  • More sustainable choice - made of 10% recycled materials, 90% recyclable after use.

Height: 7.3 cm
Length: 9.0 cm
Width: 42.1 cm

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