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Cole and Mason


Cole & Mason Saunderton Shaker Unfilled : H122116

A great solution to disorganised spice cupboards; each Saunderton dispenser can hold 5 standard sized spice and herb jars worth of herb or spice and each dispenser takes up much less flat cupboard space.

Whether you're cooking with basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary or thyme, aromatic spices or dispensing cake sprinkles, this handy shaker will become your sidekick for all of your meals from now on.

To use, simply select one of the 5 labelled chambers, turn to pour or sprinkle and dispense straight into your cooking.

Available to be purchased filled with spices or herbs, or empty.  

The clear chamber is dishwasher proof, just remove the lid first, which can be wiped with a microfibre cloth to keep it at its best. 

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