Stellar cutlery is made from 18/10 stainless steel except for the knives. 
It is possible for  18/10 stainless steel, if left in a warm and damp environment for long enough, to corrode.
The way that the Cutlery is washed can affect whether or not rust spots develop so we recommend hand washing where possible.
If a dishwasher is used the cutlery should be rinsed beforehand and removed as soon as possible after the drying cycle.
It should then be further dried with a cloth and stored in a dry place. We have also found that because it is mainly the knives that are susceptible to rusting in the Dishwasher it is better to keep them separate from the other pieces when they are put in the Dishwasher. It is perfectly alright to wash the different sizes of spoons and forks together but putting the knives in with them may result in all the pieces developing rust, this is exaggerated further if silver plate cutlery is mixed with Stainless Steel.

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