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Waterford Crystal


Waterford Crystal Zodiac Tumbler - Cancer

Waterford Crystal Zodiac Tumbler - Cancer

This bespoke Zodiac Cancer Tumbler from Waterford is beautifully handcrafted by their finest Master Craftsmen and intricately adorned with delicate cuts that depict the Cancer constellation, making it the perfect luxury gift for a friend with the matching zodiac sign. 

Delivery may take up to 8 weeks due to the handmade nature of this product


  • Handcrafted by our Master Craftsmen
  • Featuring gold-filled ball cuts and intricately detailed etch cuts
  • The base is etched with the recognisable starburst cut
  • Each tumbler celebrates the celestial connection to the signs of the Zodiac
  • Beautifully presented in signature Waterford packaging

WIDTH: 8.4 cm

LENGTH: 8.4 cm

HEIGHT: 9.8 cm

WEIGHT: 400 g

VOLUME: 400 ml

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