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TEFAL Plancha Booster Tabletop Grill - CB642840

TEFAL Plancha Booster  Tabletop Grill - CB642840

At-home dining just got a lot more exciting with Tefal Plancha Booster: the electric flat grill that lets everyone join in with the cooking fun.

This incredibly versatile tabletop grill can be used indoors or out and for all kinds of food. Grill meat, fish, fruit and veggies, as well as breakfast foods, like bacon, eggs and even pancakes, while bonding with your co-chefs.

The perfect plancha for meat lovers, this innovative indoor grill has a 2200W Power Boost Zone for on-demand searing. Simply push the button to impress your guests with restaurant-quality seared meat, while simultaneously cooking delicate ingredients at a lower temperature.

You’ll know it’s at the ideal searing temperature when the Thermo-Spot® turns solid red.

Plus, we’ve designed the cooking surface to ensure uniform heating. So, whether you’re a novice or a pro, you can be sure all your food will cook evenly.

Don’t worry about food sticking, either; the cooking plate’s durable Resist+ non-stick coating means everything will slide right off – no need for oil. There’s also a juice tray to capture any excess fat, making this a super-healthy way to cook.

The five-position adjustable thermostat provides precision cooking, whether that’s a filet or a fry-up. And the generous 1300cm2 cooking surface has room to prepare delicious meals for up to eight people at once.

When you’re done, just pop the cooking plate and juice tray in the dishwasher and get straight back to socialising.

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