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Stellar Stainless Steel Kettle SEA39


This kettle features fast boiling with a 1.7L capacity. This kettle has a fully cordless steel body with an easy to fill, push button lid. It is energy efficient due to its handy measuring guide, so you only boil the water you need, meaning you will limit any wastage of energy and water.


   Fast boiling - 1.7L capacity, 3000W concealed element

   BPA Free, steel body

   Easy to fill - push button lid

   Removable lime scale filter

   Energy efficient - handy measuring guide - only boil the water you need

   Auto cut off - boil dry protection

   Fully cordless - kettle rotates 360° on base



   Stellar 2 Year Electrical Guarantee




   Code: SEA39

   Wattage: 3000W

   Weight: 1,152g

   Height: 25.0cm

   Width: 14.0cm

   Length: 22.0cm




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