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Rockingham Forge Equilibrium 3 Pce Kitchen Knife Set RF-3517

Rockingham Forge Equilibrium 3 Pce Kitchen Knife Set RF-3517

Equilibrium knives are made from chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel.

The Equilibrium range is designed to be rust-resistant with an everlasting blade edge sharpness. Our knife handles are made from Polyoxymethylene and are designed to enable ease of use when slicing, dicing, cutting or mincing. The knife ranged can be only described as “perfect balance”, hence the name Equilibrium. All juxtaposing features that make the Rockingham Forge Equilibrium knife collection perfect is how they come together to establish that perfect balance that enables ultimate performance. The blade and the materials it is made from, the hand-finished edge sharpness longevity, the ergonomically curved handle and the unique bolster that connects all components together achieve the perfect balance required for the absolute kitchen companion.

Great value 3 piece knife set which includes a 10cm paring knife, 20cm carving knife and 20cm chef's knife. Which makes it an ideal set for a new chef. 

The 10cm paring knife is a handy and extremely versatile knife in the Chef’s arsenal, the paring knife is always the knife of choice when it comes to chopping vegetables, de-veining seafood and peeling all sorts of fruit. Many chefs consider the paring knife to be the second most important knife in the kitchen.

The 20cm carving typically have a much thinner spine compared to kitchen knives. The carving knife can also be used for filleting and slicing fish as well as sashimi preparation if need be. A rule of thumb when it comes to using a carving knife is that the blade should be longer than the largest item the Chef intends to slice, which explains why the ideal carving knife is always the longest.

The set is then finished with a 20cm kitchen knife which perfect for most type of slicing, dicing and chopping but also capable of handling more heavy-duty roles such as the cutting of thick root vegetables and dense meat. The curved blade enables the rocking of the knife on a cutting board to mince fruit and vegetables quickly.


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