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Nicholas Mosse


Nicholas Mosse Clematis - Large Mug

Our Large Mugs are among the most popular of our kitchen pottery, no doubt due to their classic design and endless uses. Use them to brighten up your morning with a frothy cappuccino or to serve hot tea to delighted guests; the choice is up to you!

Each mug is handcrafted using the finest techniques to produce consistently high-quality pottery pieces, perfect for everyday use or saving for special occasions.

The Clematis is only one of two patterns that features the soft purple shade used on the flower petals and is the only composition to match this with a vivid blue hue. Mix it with the Fuchsia pattern to emphasize the shared shade or use it as an eye-catching stand-alone design.

9cm h (3.5" h) 

0.300l v (0.63pt v)

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