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Lodge Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Blacklock Dutch Oven 5.2 litre 17BL02D0

Lodge Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Blacklock Dutch Oven 5.2 litre 17BL02D0


Code 17BL02DO

Barcode: 075536850054

Blacklock, a premium line of cast iron cookware that is triple seasoned™ and lightweight for unmatched performance.
This Dutch oven is lightweight and is the ideal pan to make slow-roast meats and simmer soups and stews.

• Triple seasoned for a natural non-stick finish
• Cast in a thin, lightweight design
• Elevated handles for added comfort and great control
• Generous cooking capacity
• Basting rings re-circulate moisture as food cooks
• Raised, high-heat aluminium knob provides easy lift
• Made in South Pittsburg, Tenn., USA

The first few times you cook, we recommend using a bit more oil than usual to start building up the seasoning. Bacon is our personal favourite for new pans.
Hold off on cooking acidic foods for your first few uses - once the seasoning builds up, your cookware will handle any food with ease.

For easy cleaning, wash your FINEX cookware by hand immediately after use with warm water. You’ll find it easiest to clean while it’s still warm.
To avoid rust, do not soak, leave in the sink, or put cookware in the dishwasher.
For best results, we recommend using our 3 Piece Care KIT, which includes a chain mail scrubber and oak wood scraper that fit our skillet corners and grill ribs, combined with a bottle of our 100% organic flaxseed oil.

If needed, remove any stubborn bits of food with either our Chain Mail Scrubber or Oak Wood Scraper.
After cleaning, wipe dry. Buff in a light coating of oil and warm on your stove or in the oven to evaporate moisture and you’re ready for meals and memories to come.

Your cookware will develop a cohesive seasoning the more you cook with it – splotchy and uneven seasoning is common as the seasoning is developing.
You can help the process along or fix trouble spots by buffing in a light coat of oil and heating over medium heat until the oil begins to smoke.

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