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Lladro The Rooster 01008086

Lladro The Rooster 01008086

Sculptor: Regino Torrijos

Size: 8.75 inches

Base included

Lladro Chinese Zodiac Collection. People born under its sign are lively and extrovert. The Rooster is individualist, strong, resilient with a clear idea of what it wants. Its inner life is quiet but it is emotional, proud and a fighter. It cultivates friendship as one of the mainstays in life. It is friendly and attentive with its friends, demanding total sincerity from them. Under this sign are those born between following dates (dd/mm/yy): 26/1/1933-13/2/1934, 23/2/1945-1/2/1946, 31/1/1957-17/2/1958, 17/2/1969-5/2/1970, 5/2/1981-24/1/1982, 23/1/1993-9/2/1994, 9/2/2005-28/1/2006

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