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Lladro The Horse 01006827

Lladro - The Horse : 01006827 :Sculptor: Virginia Gonzalez

Size : 23 x 20cm   9 x 7.75 inches

Base included.

Those born under this sign take on the vitality of the Horse. It is dynamic, open, expressive and elegant by nature. It also has an intrepid and uninhibited spirit leading it into adventures regardless of the risks. The Horse is sociable, extrovert and prefers activity to meditation. Under this sign are those born between following dates (dd/mm/yy): 30/1/1930-16/2/1931, 15/2/1942-4/2/1943, 3/2/1954-23/1/1955, 21/1/1966-8/2/1967, 7/2/1978-27/1/1979, 27/1/1990-14/2/1991, 12/2/2002-31/1/2003

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