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Kuhn Rikon


Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Grater, Stainless Steel Red 20011

Grating cheese, chocolate, nutmeg and even nuts is really easy with our Ratchet Grater. Simply open the hatch, insert your chosen food and move the ratchet handle back and forth.

Your grated food neatly falls from the grater.

This high output grater is quick to use and is easier on hands and wrists than traditional graters.

It's safer too - as fingers are kept away from the blade.

  • Grates cheese and chocolate easily and neatly
  • Super sharp stainless blades
  • Ratchet handle is easier on hands and wrists


  • Dishwasher suitable - disassemble when placing is dishwasher
  • To load the food, release the spring loaded feeder press, add the food, replace the feeder press
  • Hold the grater by the rounded end, use the other hand to rock the ratchet back and fore

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