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Kai Shun Nagare Utility Knife 15cm - NDC-0701

Kai Shun Nagare Utility Knife 15cm - NDC-0701

Blade Length 15cm (6 Inches)

Kai Shun Nagare Knives - top quality materials, interesting design features, precision engineered and beautifully finished. Gift Boxed.

About the Range:


  • Blades made from 72 layer Damascus steel, a combination of VG2 and VG10 steels, polished in an ornate radial pattern


  • Mottled grey-black pakka wood handle with an ergonomic symmetrical shape suitable for left or right handed use.


  • always use plastic or wooden chopping boards
  • do not chop on to glass, metallic or marble surfaces.
  • do not chop on to bones, frozen food or other hard objects
  • knives are sharp - please keep them out of the reach of children.


  • All Kai Shun Knives (except those with serrated blades) should be sharpened regularly for optimum performance. Ideally this should be done every time that you use your knife. Fine bladed Damascus steel blades are best sharpened on a whetstone.


  • We recommend that you hand wash you Kai Shun Knives in warm soapy water with a mild detergent. We also recommend that you dry your knives immediately with a soft cloth. It is important to wash your knives before foodstuffs have had a chance to dry on to the blades!

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