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Denby Intro Soft Grey 12 Piece Tableware Set

Denby Intro Soft Grey 12 Piece Tableware Set

The Soft Grey 12 piece tableware set contains contemporary coupe dinner plates, medium coupe plates and coupe cereal bowls. The coupe plates are perfect as a plate to use every day or as a piece for serving, the coupe shape gives you depth and the taller sides makes them ideal for dishes with more liquid and good for serving in.


Coupe Dinner Plate: Weight: 855g, Length: 26.5cm, Width: 26.5cm, Depth: 2.5cm
Medium Coupe Plate: Weight: 540g, Length: 21.0cm Width: 21.0cm, Depth: 2.5cm
Coupe Cereal Bowl: Weight: 470g, Length: 15.5cm, Width: 16.0cm, Depth: 6.5cm Capacity: 800ml

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