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Denby Azure Coast Medium Plate

 Denby Azure Coast Medium Plate

Celebrating over 10 years of success, the Azure Range boasts a refreshing colour palette of soft blue skies and brilliant greens, showcasing a coastal effect. The coast effect is created from particles of Denby‚s secret glazes with each item having to be heated in the kiln to a specific temperature to achieve these results, requiring a keen eye from skilled craftsmen.

Composed of high quality locally sourced clay, the Azure Coast Medium Plate features a resilient ultramarine glaze rim with the stunning ‚coast effect‚ and a crisp white centre. Perfect for both appetising salads, desserts and smaller portion sizes.

Made in England
Included in our 10 Year Guarantee
Expertly glazed to prevent chipping and enhance durability
Suitable for oven, microwave and freezer
Dishwasher safe
Diameter: 22.5cm

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