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Bodum French Press 8 Cup Red 1.0 Litre: 1918294

Bodum French Press 8 Cup Red 1.0 Litre: 1918294

Width (cm)17.1

Height (cm)24.2 

Depth (cm)10.6


If you want to brew brilliant coffee that’s bursting with flavor, look no further than the CAFFETTIERA French press coffee maker. Part of Bodum’s iconic French press brewing range, it combines simplicity of brewing with purity of taste for the perfect cup of joe, every time.

Wave goodbye to wasteful paper filters, plastic capsules and the other trappings of modern coffee brewing. The CAFFETTIERA employs a reusable stainless steel filter that extracts all the oils from your precious beans while leaving the least amount of sediment in your cup. Make taste, not waste is our motto, after all!

Combining classic style with delicious flavor, the CAFFETTIERA is the best French press coffee maker for ultimate simplicity and maximum taste.

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