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Belleek Etch Mug set of 4 - Last chance to buy

Belleek Etch Mug set of 4

With vintage style imagery influenced by Victorian prints and printing techniques, the Etch Mugs are a celebration of Belleek Pottery's past.  These mugs have been inspired by Belleek's now retired method of tissue transfer printing and our archive of copper printing plates.  Beautifully detailed engraved copper printing plates were once used to print onto tissue paper, this tissue paper was then used to transfer the print directly onto the ware before it was fired.  Although we no longer employ this method of printing, the Etch Mugs are handcrafted in Ireland where the processes of manufacture have remained mostly unchanged for over 160 years.

  • Designed & Handcrafted in Ireland
  • Measurements
  • 12cm Length
  • 8.5cm Diameter
  • 10cm Height
  • 390ml Capacity

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