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Belleek Classic Jasmine Basket

It is thought that lustre glazes were applied to pottery in Mesopotamia as early as the 9th century and the technique later became popular in Persia and Syria in the 12th century. Unlike these early Eastern lustres that were bold and brightly coloured, Belleek Pottery founding partner, Robert Armstrong strived to produce lustreware with much softer colours inspired by the iridescent qualitis of sea shells.

Belleek Pottery have been using lustre decoration since the 1870's to adorn pieces with iridescent washes of colour and mother of pearl. The Jasmine Basket has been developed to celebrate this long established use of lustre, where it has been applied to create a modern twist on a traditional technique.

  • Measures - 32cmL x 20cmW x 5cmH
  • Handcrafted by the Master Craftspeople of Belleek, Ireland

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