Belleek Living Lough Collection by Wendy Ward


About the Designer

Wendy Ward

Wendy is an award winning designer maker working in porcelain, and graduated with an MFA in Multidisciplinary Design at Ulster University in 2015.Wendy was the recipient of the Richard K Degenhardt, Belleek Collectors Scholarship in 2014 and since then was selected for Craft Northern Ireland’s business programme, ‘Making It’ 2015-2017.  It was the breath-taking beauty of the Fermanagh landscape that captured Wendy’s imagination for the Lough Collection. The beautiful sunsets and the reflections of the sunlight on the water inspired Wendy to capture this stunning interaction through porcelain. The rural landscape is abundant with intricate structure and pattern and it was the wild grasses and reeds that Wendy interpreted in porcelain in a contemporary approach. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted from Belleek porcelain.

Most recently Wendy has been awarded 'Ambassador for European Ceramics' a winner in the international ceramic competition - 'Ceramics and its Dimensions Future Lights'.  This international award recognises her exceptional ability to combine high quality handcraftsmanship into industrially produced porcelain.

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