Belleek Fine Parian China Tableware

Formerly known as “Belleek Pottery Works Company” when they manufactured heavy earthenware, this well-respected company has been in business since 1857. Over the years, they have refined their products and are now very well known as the highly acclaimed creator of fine Parian china which has a reputation for its fine quality all over the world.

All of their pieces are created using fine Irish craftsmanship in the village of Belleek, as they have been since 1857, with exception of a short period during World War I when production was halted for a while. The techniques that they still use have been handed down over the generations and are passed down with great care to ensure the same quality runs through their modern ranges.

At First Ireland our range of Belleek tableware includes a selection of elegant white and cream sets that are perfect for any formal dining experience. We also offer the stunning Tropical Botanics Bamboo tableware which features a real pop of colour perfect for any modern dining experience. For quality without compromise, Belleek is sure to deliver.