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Richardson Sheffield V Sabatier 9 Piece Knife Block Set: VRU90

Sabatier and Richardson Sheffield - two great names, your guarantee of a truly premium knife. 

These knives have become the benchmark for anyone who takes their cooking seriously and understands the importance of using the right tools in the home. The V Sabatier knives simply deliver for professional chefs who expect the highest standards in reliability, precision, and performance.


Set comprises of:

  • 1 x paring knife,
  • 1 x all-purpose knife,
  • 1 x vegetable knife,
  • 1 x boning knife, 
  • 1 x 20cm cook's knife,
  • 1 x carving knife,
  • 1 x bread knife,
  • 1 x carving fork,
  • 1 x sharpening steel
  • 1 x wooden block

Made from the finest grade, high carbon stainless steel: 'chrome molybdenum vanadium', for a harder and stronger blade.

Superior Rockwell hardness rating of 55HRC

30-year manufacturer guarantee
Dishwasher safe
Gift boxed

Approx. size: 21cm x 35cm x 12cm


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