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Royal Doulton is synonymous with fine English pottery and figurines, dating back to London 1815, a history that saw them receive a royal warrant in 1901. Forced to relocate to 'The Potteries' in Stoke-on-Trent in 1955, they have never forgotten their London heritage. Collaborating with London artists and craftsmen, they still create family treasures to be lovingly passed down through many generations.

 A renewed brand focus has seen this English pottery company retain its status as a national treasure in more recent times. Vibrant colours set off classic designs throughout the entire range of Royal Doulton Figurines, with pieces that are genuinely loved and respected as timeless classics, even by our younger generations. You do not have to live in a grand palace to appreciate such fine figurines. The Royal Doulton Birthstone Petite figurines are a fantastic way to mark a special occasion in a young lady’s life. Royal Doulton is both desirable and collectable and adds elegance to any setting.

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