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Nao by Lladro New Introductions is a separate line of fine porcelain figurines by world-renowned Lladro, introduced in 1968 to bring the beauty of Lladro to everyone. At prices to be enjoyed by everyone, the Nao collections are priced considerably lower than the more detailed Lladro brand work. Yet, Lladro's love, care and commitment to quality are still clearly evident in each piece. Each Nao piece has a simpler, more modest design style. Nao by Lladro's history began under the brand names Rosal and later Zaphir, both of which were more commercialised brands featuring a charm and innocence that, as they became Nao by Lladro, have become celebrated and collected in their own right.

Rosal themes focussed on romanticism, undefined idyllic times, and the brand saw incredible success, that saw the collection renamed Zaphir, which grew a more stylised and extended selection as the teams became more experienced and gained more incredible porcelain mastery skills. The brand became hugely popular in the USA to extend that popularity worldwide. That called for a name change to align with the Lladro brand more closely. Nao by Lladro was born, and the brand now focuses on affordable figurines for lovers of beautifully fine crafted porcelain.


Here at First Ireland, we have gathered the finest Nao by Lladros pieces to celebrate new introductions. Each piece sympathetically celebrates moments in stunningly traditional Nao by Lladro colour and style that we instantly recognise and love. Each piece simply yet beautifully celebrates those new moments in life, from trying on mummy's shoes, meeting your new kitten, bringing flowers to a loved one or a new baby into the world.