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Jamie Oliver Cookware is the culmination of collaborations with leading companies such as Tefal and Churchill China. This range encompasses all you could wish for in a tv celebrity-endorsed range of cookware, utensils, and accessories. Undoubtedly, Jamie Oliver's creative talents in the kitchen have inspired and guided his range of kitchenware that is easy to use, attractive and practical. 

First Ireland brings you a range of Jamie Oliver Cookware that offers the simplicity of design guaranteed to look great in any home. Jamie Oliver's love of cooking and all things food has seen him travel the world, his understanding of the demands placed on quality cookware to deliver perfect food every time. His love of sharing his passion with everyone means we can now all share in the quality and design that he trusts to create his own masterpieces. Wine, glasses, baking beans, chopping boards, pan sets and much more can now bring a little of Jamie Oliver into your home.