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Belleek Living's home fragrance range offers wax melts and candles in a choice of relaxing fragrances that perfectly complement the rest of the Belleek Living collections. Belleek Living designs fit perfectly in modern and contemporary homes, yet they still look comfortable in a cottage or classically styled room. Each scent in the home fragrance range will help you feel relaxed, relieve the stresses of the day and whisk you to somewhere more relaxed and peaceful, even if just for a few moments they are a great way to chill and free your mind. Modern fragrances that capture the beauty of Apple Cinnamon, Egyptian Cotton and a Tropical Breeze help free your mind beautifully.

The Belleek wax melts warmer's timeless, simple design ideally allows the scent from the wax melt pod to radiate the room. Powered by a UK standard plug, it is both efficient and straightforward. The wax melt pods fit perfectly into the Belleek Aroma Electric Wax Melt warmer made from the finest Belleek pottery and are designed to hold one of the many delightfully fragranced wax melt pods. Each Belleek wax melt range comes as a set of six pods, so you can enjoy many hours from your chosen fragrance or buy different scents to ring the changes for both aroma and adventure. 

Belleek Pottery has been in existence since the mid-1800s and became renowned for its home-styled pottery and giftware. The Belleek Living range came to life in 2003 to bring a contemporary gift and casual collection that perfectly complements modern décor and lifestyles. The Belleek Home Fragrance collection certainly fits nicely within the range.