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What better way to commemorate a new baby in the family? This delightful range of Belleek Classic Baby Gift mugs is an excellent way to give the new arrival and happy parents a practical gift that can be used and treasured throughout their lifetime. If you don't yet know the baby's name or are looking for a generic or non-gender specific gift, the Belleek Classic Shamrock Baby Cup is ideal. It features the perfect classic combination of the traditional basket weave. It has featured extensively in the Belleek pottery ranges since 1867 and remains among the most recognised, especially when combined with its stunning shamrock hand-painted display. 

The Baby Belleek porcelain mugs will be a unique and treasured family heirloom with practical use if you are brave enough. A stunning soft pink or baby blue hand decorated cream delicate Parian china porcelain hand-crafted baby-sized mug is the perfect gift or commemorative gift to celebrate birth, adoption or christening of your new arrival or a much-cherished new family or friend. The Belleek Classic Baby Gift mugs also include two designs that can be personalised with hand-painted gold names and/or birth dates to make them an even more perfect reminder of birth or celebration of a new baby's arrival. A mug or cup has always been considered a traditional christening gift for a young baby or toddler. The Baby Belleek range of practical and ornamental fine porcelain gifts certainly brings you plenty to choose from, whatever your design style and tastes. 

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