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When buying any of the Aynsley mug sets, you are certainly getting more than just a mug. You are purchasing an experience. Whether celebrating a new home or replacing some worn mugs, you certainly can't go wrong with Aynsley china mug collections. They are priced to make them great for everyday use. The range includes the gentle pastels and traditional footed shapes of the Aynsley Silver Laurette set, which contains six fine china mugs. Either neutral or soft pastel shades enhance each mug's soft and subtle detailing to give an understated elegance that will look great in any home. 


Aynsley mug sets are presented beautifully in a complimentary gift box as elegant as the mugs it protects. The fine china mugs are dishwasher safe. The designs are elegant and appealing, giving them broad gift appeal or making a statement at your coffee morning or afternoon tea gatherings. Of course, with such beautiful mugs, they look great on display, and if space is at a premium, the set of 4 Charbagh stacking cups is ideal.


Aynsley China is now part of the much-loved Belleek of Ireland gift and homeware group. Aynsley China's history reaches back almost 250 years, and it certainly is still much in demand. And although highly prized by collectors, it is incredibly priced to be attractive to a broad range of buyers, whatever their budget. Belleek now continues this much-loved brand from their home in Northern Ireland. They ensure this brand still represents the same English quality, value and beauty we love.